Sloppy Joe’s

Carrot sloppy Joe’s

Serves 2 or 3


  • 2 or 3 carrots
  • 1 x large onion
  • 3 x garlic cloves
  • 4 x heaped tbsp of tomato paste
  • 1 x tin of kidney beans
  • Plenty of salt and pepper
  • 1 x half a lime
  • 2 x tsp of balsamic vinegar


1. In a pan cook the diced onions in some fry light spray.
2. Add the finley chopped garlic to the onions and cook on a medium heat until golden brown. Stiring occasionally to avoid sticking.
3. Grate the carrots (I cheated and did mine in the food processor).
4. Add the carrots and the kidney beans to the onions.
5. Add a squeeze of the lime juice.
6. Add the rest of the ingredients and allow to cook for a 5 minutes, until the carrots are cooked.

When it comes to the salt and pepper…I like quite a lot. But the best policy is to add a little bit at a time and taste, until it suits you 🙂

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Sloppy Joe!!

The original sloppy Joe is made with mince meat and named after a man named Joe from Iowa, according to Google (this must mean it is true). However my version is a lot healthier and made with carrots. I have decided to dedicate this one to the best Joe in the world…my dad! I love this recipe… It’s so simple to make and hardly cost anything. When your cupboards are bare…you have usually got the ingredients to rustle up this delightful little dish… hope you enjoy… share the foodspiration guys 🙂