Bread and butter pudding…With a mothers day twist

Savory Bread and Butter pudding

Serving me, my mother and a few others


  • 1 x Loaf of bread
  • 1 x Pot of red pepper hummus
  • 1 x Jar of sun blushed tomatoes
  • 1 x Handful of fresh basil
  • Flour
  • Soya milk
  • 1 x Tbsp soya butter
  • 1 x Tub of herb cream cheese (I used Violife)
  • Salt and pepper


1. Spread the hummus onto the bread and cut into quarters. Repeat this until you have enough to fill your oven proof dish. (For added love to the dish, I chose to cut out some heart shapes using a template. I put tomato paste on the middle heart and hummus on the others.)
2. Once the bread is in the dish, drain the sun blushed tomatoes from the oil. Now cut them into small pieces.
3. Place the sun blushed tomatoes in between each piece of bread along with some torn up basil leaves.
4. Scatter any remaining tomatoes over the top.
5. Now prepare a ‘cream cheese’ bechamel sauce. Melt a tbsp spoonful of ‘butter’ in a pan on medium heat.
6. Now add 1 or 2 tbsp of flour and stir, until the mix binds together, making a clumpy, doughy consistency.
7. Now slowly add small amounts of the milk, a little at a time and stir continuously.
As you keep adding the milk and stirring it whilst on the heat, it will start to form a thick sauce.
8. Now add the tub of cream cheese and melt it into your sauce.
9. Add salt and pepper.
10. Now pour the sauce over the bread and place it into the oven at 180°c and cook for around 35 minutes. But just keep checking on it. You want it to look golden brown.
11. Once it is cooked, serve with a salad of your choice. I made caramelised onions and avocado salad stacks.


My Mum…also know as Mother 🙂

When I think of my mum, lots of things come to mind…Tales which will help you to build a picture of who she is to me…When I was little and she was getting ready to go out (usually with my fairy godmother, Teresa)…I would look up to her in awe, she always looked amazing, but could not and still can’t see it herself.

Even when she got married in her mustard and black polka dot dress, with a matching black hat…she still looked cool as hell!!…she can just pull the quirky look off!

I would beg her to let me go out with her. Obviously as a toddler it wouldn’t have been appropriate, but she would tell me ‘when you are old enough’. Sure enough…she is a woman of her word… Now I love going to the Northern soul doo’s with her and Teresa…I’ve still not perfected the dance moves though.

She is the hardest worker I know and the best person in her line of work. I know no one who is as good at enabling people with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible…she is a great teacher too… in a weird coincidence, my final year placement tutor was a student taught by my mum. She told me that my mum was her biggest inspiration in leading her into a career working with people with disabilities. If that isn’t a compliment, I don’t know what is!!

I loved Christmas time as a child, when mum, Nathan and I would spend hours playing sonic the hedgehog…One time we even slept downstairs, pulling an all nighter to defeat Dr Robotnic.

She has also put me in some funny predicaments…she is an avid Manchester United fan and says Eric Cantona is her god! One day we went to Old Trafford for a mooch around. They were re-turfing at the time (Yes mum, if you are reading this you remember the story). Mum says to me…’get a bit of that turf’, so me being non the wiser…slid my foot under the fence and scraped a bit of the mud out with my foot. When I turned around, my mum and brother were walking/jogging away from me. I was chasing them shouting ‘I’ve got some’…Nathan was saying ‘drop it, drop it’..mum saying ‘no don’t’. There was lots of work men stood laughing at me…probably because I looked far from inconspicuous…as I was wearing a large united bobble hat that was bouncing around as I chased them down the road. We still have that turf in a pot in the garden.

As you can see my mum is an amazing, crazy and unique person and I love every bit of her. So as a tribute to this fabulous woman. I created this new and exclusive savory, hummus, sun blushed tomato, bread and butter pudding with a avocado and caramelised onion salad . One of my mum’s favorite desserts is the traditional bread and butter pudding… However this one has a savory twist.

It’s not hard to make… So why don’t you give it a go!