A little vegan poem

I said I’m a vegan

So many times I have to explain…What my diet contains… It’s not weird,I eat no meat… No eggs or dairy from a milky teet. I said…I’m a vegan… ‘ sorry did you say a vegan’?!? Yes I am a veg loving vegan!! tofu, pulses or Nut roast… These are the food that I love the most… It may seem weird I don’t eat meat… But with respect flesh ain’t no treat… Why do you do it? They always ask… But for me it is no real task… It might seem hard to understand… I would rather see them walk the land… Instead of cut up on my plate… This should be no animals fate… You may think Im crazy, but I don’t care… you are the one who asked me to share… The reasons that I make my choice… In a way I’m giving the animals a voice… If they could speak they would shout… ‘DON’T EAT ME’…I have no doubt!!

A little poem I made up 🙂

4 thoughts on “A little vegan poem

  1. I like the bit “you asked me to share” I can really connect to it, because whenever I’m defending my choices to save animals, I always get shouted at but like I never bring up the topic, since I’m very head-strong with facts and putting people in their place when they’re wrong about animal welfare haha
    but they dont realise that every other advert on TV or the radio is about meat or dairy as well


    1. I never really bring it up unless people ask (apart from my blog, haha!). It was just a little vegan poem to explain the questioning, or trying to convert you to milk, cheese or meat….and to give a few nice foods I like to eat. Thanks for your comment. If you are on instagram or twitter, look me up and I’ll follow you…if you like x


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